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Postby janetramsey330 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:56 am
Krygen XL gonna happen so nothing takes you off guard when you enter the office what we do first we put and you walk out with this okay that is it now this takes about two to three hours right but those who are flying in just a note most of my patients do fly into Miami or New York because I have two offices I want you to allow five hours because sometimes we allow more anesthesia time sometimes there's a little delay and I don't rush so if you're coming in at 8 o'clock appointment expect to leave around 1 o'clock so you could schedule accordingly ok so just to mention I do have a Miami office I have a New York office when it comes to financing and fees and specials go on my finance page on the website ok that is all the information you need if you have any if you need any additional information you call my office and my secretaries will take care of all right all right so let's go back to our procedure so you know exactly what happens with the .

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