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Is Your Body Language Speaking for You? Business Articles | June 14, 2011

Your body language could be turning your words into a passive or aggressive messages. These misinterpretations could affect your business relationships.

Communication is a challenge in the workplace.? The primary reason is in order to get everyone on the same page all team members must send and receive the same message.? Your body language can interfere with the message you are sending T. J. Watt Jersey , and the message others are receiving.? Even without any words being spoken our body language can communicate whether we are happy, sad, angry, or bored.?

Do you know what you want to say?

Good communication is first depending on the particular words you use.? Therefore Terrell Edmunds Jersey , make sure the words you use are appropriate in their intent and phrasings.? Most of us in business are careful about the words we use because we want to be politically correct.? We don?t want to offend other people.? While this is important only 7% of our communication actually comes from our words.? This means that after you decide what you want to say, the way you say it is even more important.

Is your communication passive?

The words you use may be as simple as asking a co-worker, employee or boss a question.? For example, Can I get that information from you? ?But Jerome Bettis Jersey , depending on your body language this question can come off as if you are afraid.? Is your body displaying tilted posture, a drooping head, clinching hands, timid speech with low volume?? If this is your body language during the brief conversation you are appearing to be afraid or fearful to ask the question.? The person receiving the question may be thinking Cheap Steelers Jerseys , ?what are they afraid of??? Paying attention to your own body posture will help you understand how you are coming off to others.? A greater understanding of our own communication skills can help us answer others questions about our business relationships as well.? Your passive communication could be the reason why you feel no one takes your ideas seriously.? Perhaps you feel that no one really listens to you.? Adjusting your body language to a more assertive style may help change the way you are perceived at the office.? Body language accounts for 55% of your communication.? This means that people are reading your body language much more than the words you speak.?

Is your communication aggressive?

If you are angry or upset with someone even if you try to hide it through your words, it will usually be apparent from your body language.? A stiff neck, animated hand gestures, overly direct eye contact Zach Gentry Game Jersey , scowling facial expressions, and a strained voice tone will tell your co-workers that you are angry.? You may find that your co-workers are lowering their eyes when you talk.? This may be a way to avoid your scowling face or angry eyes.? Notice the reaction of others when you speak to get an idea of the body language you are giving off.? It is possible to make adjustments to your body language.? If you receive some upsetting news, before speaking with anyone go to a quiet place such as your office or a restroom stall.? Use some stress exercises to help change your mood.? Take some deep breathes, imagine you?re in a seren
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