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After Breast Augmentation - Buying Your First Bra Health Articles | September 1 Black JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , 2011
聽After breast augmentation, when can you start shopping for bras? Find out in this article. There are also some tips on choosing bras and bra sizes.

After you get your breast augmentation, you may want to run out to buy new bras. It's so exciting when you've gone up a cup size or so, and one of the coolest things about getting your breasts done is that you get to upgrade. But it's really important for you to hold on for a little while. In fact Black T. J. Watt Jersey , the longer you wait to buy your new bras, the better off you'll be.

The First Few Weeks

You might want to get something just a week or two after your breasts heal. Some women buy new bras just days after their breast augmentation. This is okay to do, but you should follow your doctor's instructions carefully. The reason why they tell you to wait is that you won't be healed properly.

Your doctor will give you a post-op bra to wear. It might be ugly and uncomfortable, but the purpose is to help your breasts heal correctly. If they don't Black James Washington Jersey , you're going to be in real trouble! The post-op bra is kind of like a sports bra and its purpose is to hold everything together until your sutures heal.

What About The Swelling

You may get the go-ahead after a week or two, but there's another good reason why you should wait before buying anything fancy. You'll have some swelling in the areas around the incisions. This is totally normal and it can last up to a few months, although many women find that it goes down in a couple of weeks. This swelling will affect your bra sizes.

For this reason, most doctors recommend buying something cheap right after breast augmentation surgery Black Terrell Edmunds Jersey , and waiting to do your real shopping until about 5 months or so after. Of course, you can ask your plastic surgeon about this.

Tips On Choosing Bras

Shopping for bras after your surgery is lots of fun. But it's actually quite a bit of a challenge. After all, you have to get fitted all over again! It's especially difficult for women who are small or petite and have gone big in the chest area.

Before you spend a lot of money, you might want to be fitted by a professional seamstress. You can do it yourself at home with a tape measure Black Ryan Shazier Jersey , but this is just a one-time fitting and you can use her measurements to make sure you get the perfect size for your new breasts.

One more thing to consider is availability. Before the operation when you're deciding how big to go, keep in mind what sizes are available at the places where you like to shop. In other words, don't go so big that you have to special order your bras over the internet! Take this into consideration before you get the work done.

Buying bras after breast augmentation is lots of fun. But just wait until your plastic surgeon says your swelling is done and your sutures are healed.

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