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New England Patriots links 9/25/18 - TALKErik Scalavino offers a Pats-Lions film breakdown White Stephon Gilmore Jersey , quarter-by-quarter: Cordarrelle Patterson showed a glimpse of what he’s capable of providing on kickoffs. /well, that’s something...Paul Perillo tells us who won the matchups on Sunday: Lions control the pace.Conference Calls transcripts: Bill Belichick - Josh McDaniels - DL coach Brandon Daly.LOCAL LINKSTom E. Curran offers some tips for those suffering from Patriots Demise Syndrome (PDS).Doug Kyed presents his Pats-Lions Film Review: What’s wrong with Tom Brady’s deep ball?Evan Lazar’s Advanced Stats Report: Patriots defense pushed around, Brady searching for answers.Matt Dolloff details how the Patriots were doomed in Detroit by offensive flaws and depth issues.Evan Lazar explains how the Patriots’ Super Bowl aspirations hinge on Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon.Joy Manning (BostonSportsChick) Quick possessions are dooming the Patriots.Tom E. Curran observes that the Patriots have nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to rely on with their passing attack right now.Zack Cox tries not to make any “grand, sweeping proclamations about a rookie just two games into his NFL career, especially a first-round draft pick who missed the entire preseason” but... must. point. out. “Sony Michel really has struggled” so far.Tom E. Curran explains how the listless Patriots defense gets absolutely steamrolled by the heretofore unimpressive Lions, and the lethargic play of Dont’a Hightower is particularly worrisome.Evan Lazar gives us ten things we learned from the loss in Detroit: Patriots’ pass catchers hit rock bottom.Michael Hurley serves up some leftover thoughts from Sunday: Tom Brady’s receiver problem is very real.Michael Hurley knows the Patriots are struggling mightily, but they’re not alone.Ryan Hannable revisits the offseason to point out how the Patriots issues through Week 3 could have been prevented. /1. Find 1981 DeLorean with Flux Capacitor...Steve Atkinson (BostonSportsExtra) Was Sony Michel overhyped?Nick O’Malley looks at history to figure out what it means that the Pats lost two in a row.Matthew Slater is determined to find some answers, “We’re in the midst of some adversity right now and we’re going to find out what kind of football team we have — what kind of men we have in this locker room. I certainly believe in the group that we have, but we have to get a lot better.”Logan Mullen highlights Bill Belichick telling WEEI “It’s the execution that really concerns me. We’re trying hard, just not getting enough done.” Rob Bradford highlights WEEI guest Chris Gronkowski on his brother’s frustrations. “I haven’t talked to (Rob Gronkowski) personally about it, but I can just tell by his emotions and his facial features that he’s super frustrated with it. You can see at the end of the game how they ended the game double-covering him, pressing him off the line. He just wants to get the ball in his hands and make plays. You just can’t do it when nobody else is getting open. You can’t have single-coverage if no one else can beat single-coverage.”Ryan Hannable recaps Josh McDaniels with lots of positive things to say about Josh Gordon. /To start with, swell first name...Matt Dolloff finds that the Patriots stock couldn’t be much lower after the Detroit Lions dominated them in all phases of the game.Ross Gienieczko Patriots Notebook: September losses have way to be forgotten as season improves.Kevin Duffy sends out demerit slips [To be signed and brought back] with this week’s Patriots Report Card. /Even Belichick and Brady lose recess.Steve Balestrieri (PatsFans) Patriots Week 3 Report Card: Lions crush New England. /Hide this one from the ‘rents, kids.Steve and the hood present Boston sports (DiehardBostonSportsFans) Patriots recap with Bernd Buchmasser from Pats Pulpit. (1 hour, 14 min.) NATIONAL NEWSChristian D’Andrea (SB Nation) The Patriots’ problems are bigger than Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman can solve.Josh Alper (ProFootballTalk) Tom Brady: We haven’t taken advantage of defenses focusing on Gronk.Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Bill Belichick cares not about history but only about improving his team.Tom Ley (Deadspin) The Patriots are slllooooowwwww.Conor Orr (SI) Patriots will be fine after the loss to the Lions--but for how much longer? A reminder that the dynasty won’t last forever. /Uh... thanks, Bud.Robert Mays (The Ringer) The Starting 11: We’ve seen this Patriots movie before. Albert Breer (SI) Monday Afternoon QB: How the 3–0 Dolphins are making it work, Rosen the latest rookie starting QB, More NFL notes.Albert Breer (SI) Monday Morning QB: More Mahomes magic, a Buffalo stunner http://www.authenticsnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-rex-burkhead-jersey , and QBs coming and going -- A Week 3 roller coaster.Gary Gramling (SI) Sunday Freakout: Josh Allen lights up Vikings, Patrick Mahomes is getting boring, Garoppolo goes down, Rams still a juggernaut but鈥onor Orr (SI) Which teams would—maybe, possibly—trade for Le’Veon Bell? 1. Patriots.Adam Schein (NFL.com) NFL teams with early reason to panic. 5. New England Patriots.Timothy Rapp (Bleacher Report) Richard Sherman, Cameron Jordan rip NFL rule after William Hayes’ injury.Charean Williams (ProFootballTalk) William Hayes tore ACL trying to avoid roughing penalty.Michael McCann (SI) how would Colin Kaepernick signing with an NFL team affect his collusion grievance?Football Outsiders: Will Dont’a Hightower fix the Patriots run defense? Every year, Football Outsiders releases their Almanac to preview the upcoming NFL season. We spoke with Rivers McCown of Football Outsiders to get the inside scoop on the New England Patriots. Click here to purchase the Football Outsiders Almanac!The Patriots run defense was exceptionally weak last year. Will Danny Shelton and Adrian Clayborn help fix the problem? Or will the return of Dont’a Hightower mean the most?The New England Patriots ranked 31st against the run according to Football Outsiders’ DVOA rankings and so I was curious to know where the team could improve and whether the addition of Adrian Clayborn or Dont’a Hightower would have a larger impact.But McCown’s point is interesting in that he considers the Patriots run defense to be a down-year for what is typically a great run defense and for the unit to regress back towards its usual high-quality self.Over the past decade, the Patriots have typically fluctuated between “really good” and “really bad” against the run. The team ranked above-average in 2008 (11th), 2009 (13th), 2012 (6th), 2014 (13th), 2015 (10th), and 2016 (6th). They ranked below-average in 2010 (23rd), 2011 (25th), 2013 (27th), and 2017 (31st). It’s worth noting that in four of the past six years, the Patriots run defense has been good, if not great. In the years they’ve struggled, the Patriots have dealt with some serious injuries http://www.authenticsnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-marcus-cannon-jersey , notably with stalwart linebackers Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, and Dont’a Hightower and defensive linemen Ty Warren, Mike Wright, Vince Wilfork, and Tommy Kelly missing time. So I think the return of Hightower will have a bigger impact on the Patriots run defense than the addition of Clayborn.One of the trends of the Matt Patricia defenses is how they improved over the course of the season. Do the numbers suggest any changes in styles of play (zone vs man, more blitzes, etc), or just an improved performance?Weeks 1-650% Man, 18.5% Blitz (5+ Pass Rush), 27.8% rush only 3 Weeks 7-12 55% Man, 22.2% Blitz, 18.6% rush only 3 Weeks 13-17 59% Man, 25% Blitz, 22.3% rush only 3 This is an interesting read into how Matt Patricia developed his defense over the course of 2017 and how he adjusted for the skill sets of his players. The Patriots didn’t have a pass rush last year, but they had solid depth at cornerback. That allowed the team to draw resources away from coverage and put them into getting after the quarterback.How will this play out in 2018? Will Brian Flores follow a similar season-long developmental strategy?I think the Patriots have the best depth on the defensive line that they’ve had in a while, so I would expect the team to rely less on blitzing to get after the quarterback. That said, I think the linebacker depth is questionable in coverage and I wouldn’t be surprised if the linebackers crashed the box in order to keep the opposing running backs in pass protection instead of running their routes.It feels like both Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung have had incredibly unique career trajectories. McCourty was an All Pro at cornerback, and then twice at safety http://www.authenticsnewenglandpatriots.com/cheap-elandon-roberts-jersey , while Chung flamed out in his first stint in New England, busted in Philadelphia, and then has thrived in his return. Who are some historical players that have had the most similar careers?What makes Devin McCourty so interesting and unique is how he was named Second Team All Pro at cornerback as a rookie in 2010, moved to safety midway through the 2012 season, and was named Second Team All Pro at free safety in 2013. He also earned another Second Team All Pro nod in 2016 for his work as both a free safety and as a strong safety on roughly 50% of his snaps with Duron Harmon on the field.As McCown notes, it’s not weird for a cornerback to move to safety during their career, but it’s usually at the tail-end of their career when they’re no longer physically capable of playing coverage, but they still have the football intelligence to be of value leading a defense- like a Charles Woodson. But McCourty was playing like an elite cornerback in 2012 before he moved to safety after the acquisition of Aqib Talib. McCourty moved to safety because that was the Patriots’ Achilles heel on defense and his presence on the back-end immediately solidified the secondary.Ronnie Lott is clearly a high-achieving comparable as the defensive back moved to safety in his fifth season after being an All Pro as a rookie, and then ripped off six-straight All Pro seasons at safety.Chung, on the other hand, did not have as glamorous of a start to his career in New England and was ultimately benched and cut for reasons I blame more on the coaching staff and front office than on Chung himself. Chung was never a great deep-safety, but thrived when asked to cover tight ends and to play in the box. Injuries in the Patriots secondary- injuries that also led to McCourty ultimately playing deep safety- forced the Patriots to play Chung at free safety instead of in-the-box and it was a disaster.Now, Chung has a perfect role on the Patriots defense as a jack-of-all trades, where he can cover running backs in the flat and tight ends in the slot, help stuff the run in the box, and even rush after the quarterback. He’s the perfect type of defender that allows the Patriots to play both the run and the pass while keeping the same personnel on the field.As opposing teams start to rely more on running backs to attack the lighter defenses built to defend the pass, Chung’s role will be in even greater focus, highlighting his perfect skill set for this era of football.
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