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Junior Dos Santos is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is from Santa Catarina Jakub Vrana Youth Jersey , Brazil. Mixed martial arts have become especially popular in Brazil. With the popularity of the sport in Brazil there are many people that have taken up the sport. This increasing number of participants has fostered a lot of talent that comes out of Brazil to challenge the other best fighters in the world. Without doubt, Junior Dos Santos fits into that group of the best fighters in the world.

Dos Santos is known for his tremendous kick boxing skills. Kick boxing is of course a highly competitive sport. It is tough to be the best at that sport because a simple kick landed in the right spot can put an opponent out. Dos Santos has shown just how skilled he is at the sport. In his kickboxing career he has never lost a single fight. He has won 18 fights without ever meeting a challenger that could show him something that he could not handle.

He has taken onto Ultimate Fighting. Ultimate Fighting is growing in popularity around the world. Dos Santos currently takes part in the highest level of Ultimate Fighting in the world. This league of fighting is called the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is commonly known as the UFC.

In his career in the UFC he has seen a tremendous amount of success. He has fought 13 fights in the league to this point. In his 13 fights he has managed to win 12 so far. 11 of those wins have come in impressive fashion.

Of his 12 wins he has knocked out his opponent 8 times. These 8 knockouts are coupled with the 3 submission victories that he has taken home along the way. Only once in his career has he won a fight by decision.

His only loss came early in his career. He was fighting in a lesser league and dropped a fight in a rematch against a fighter that he had already beaten.

To start out his UFC career he showed everyone what he was made of. He was scheduled to take on a much more highly rated fighter in Fabricio Werdum. Werdum was one of the top contenders. Dos Santos showed what he was all about and knocked out Werdum in the first round.

Through the first 5 fights of his UFC career he looked incredible. He showed striking ability that rivals any fighter in the world. His powerful hands and heavy blows make him a threat to any fighter that enters the ring to fight against him. He won each of his first 5 fights by way of stoppage. Stoppage is when you win the fight by submission or knockout before the rounds of the match have been exhausted.

His most recent match was the first time that any fighter in the UFC was able to go the distance against him. He was taking on Roy Nelson. Although Nelson stayed in the Match, Dos Santos managed to take home a unanimous victory. Dos Santos showed some skills that people didn?t know that he had. He showed a takedown for the first time in his UFC career.

Dos Santos will soon have a shot at the heavyweight title. He is waiting for his turn Evgeny Kuznetsov Youth Jersey , but it is likely that he will take on the next champion of the division. Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez will square off first to decide who the champion is.
Science experiments in chemistry reveals the oddest fact -- molecules have down-right silly names. One doesn't usually think of chemistry topics as humorous but one look at these molecule names and you'll change your thinking on that. Try some of these names for Chemistry Science chuckles.

One molecule is called "arsole". It is the arsenic equivalent of pyrole, and is occasionally seen as a side group in the form of organic arsolyls.

Another molecule is called "Adamantane". This often brings laughter as Adam Ant was an English pop star in the early 1980's famous for his silly songs and strange make up. How did they ever think of this one.

"Bastardane" is a close relative of "Adamantane". It's proper name is "ethano-bridged noradamante". It was a variation of the standard structure and became know as the unwanted child. I have to imagine that the lineage is somewhat in doubt.

Another doozy is "Buckminster Fullerene". This soccer ball-shaped molecule won a Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1996. It is of course, named after the architect Buckminster Fuller T. J. Oshie Youth Jersey , who designed the geodesic dome. It is sometimes referred to as "Bucky Ball", and is also known as "Footballene". Why was this so special as to win a Nobel prize, I do not know.

"Megaphone" gets its name from being both a constituent of "niba Megaphylla" and a ketone. This one shouts loudly in order to be heard.

"Munchnones" could be the favorite of the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz Nicklas Backstrom Youth Jersey , but they are ring structures in which the charges are delocalized. We represent the ring structure guild, the ring structure guild, the ring structure guild.

"Cummingtonite" got its name from where it was found Alex Ovechkin Youth Jersey , Cummington, Mass. For those who want to know, it is a magnesium iron silicate hydroxide. In case I cannot meet you in the afternoon Jay Beagle Jersey , I am coming tonight.

"Putrescine" originates in putrefying and rotting flesh, and is the smell of death. It is usually associated with "cadaverine" named after the cadavers that give rise to the rotting flesh.

"Dickite" discovered by a geologist whose last name was "Dick" is a clay like mineral and is used in ceramics and as paint filler.

"Moronic" acid is of interest to people studying archaeological relics, shipwrecks and ancient Egyptian jars. Ask me why it is called "Moronic" acid and I cannot answer hopefully not making me a moron.

The Fuka region of Southern Japan has given birth to "Fukalite" John Carlson Jersey , which is a form of calcium silico-carbonate.

A plant hormone which causes injured cells to divide and help repair the trauma has been named "traumatic acid". Ah, chemistry and science, what a joy. It woul.
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