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Postby turningparts » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:54 am
Clearly though, the wood burning stove is no magic pill for all the troubles of the modern world, not least because it cannot scale up enough. But in fact burning logs, if done properly, is almost totally carbon neutral.
In spite of appearances, the wood burner has come a long way in recent years, mainly in response to stricter controls but also due to improved materials and design. glass Candle holder Each of these trees in fact absorbs from the atmosphere pretty much the same quantity of CO2 as will be released again when it is burnt.Now unless you've been living in cave, you'll be aware that anything that helps to slow, halt or reverse CO2 pollution is increasingly important both and into the foreseeable future.But even so, many people balk at the idea of burning wood. At first sight, a 200 year old technology that even its Scented candles original inventor would still easily recognize is not something you might imagine had much of a future in front of it. But for the many that are able to take advantage, it provides a good solution.

A proven, effective and sustainable source of energy that at the very least doesn't make matters worse is going to appear pretty dammed attractive.You can already see how wood burning is shaping up for a comfortable future in both the number of people adopting it as either a primary of supplemental source of heating, and the shift in regulations to encourage it. The log burner doesn't after all spring immediately to mind where modern preoccupations such as eco-friendly and efficient are concerned.In contrast to fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas whereby CO2 is released to the air but never reclaimed, growing woody biomass (as trees are termed) ensures that the levels of CO2 remain in balance. In fact you need quite a lot of trees growing at the same time because they take time to reach maturity.In order to be viable as a sustainable fuel source, you need to grow new trees to replace the ones you fell for firewood.
Yet concealed within its intentionally dated styling lies a highly effective, high combustion burner that can essentially hold its own against the average domestic gas boiler. After all it involves chopping down a tree and setting light to it, which obviously sends carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The fact that it also highly cost effective, when compared against gas and oil further, helps ensure that this is one old technology that's not quite ready to roll over just yet.
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