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Postby Ryan » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:33 pm
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Understand why API's should be designed well.[/center]

Understand the benefits of using Fluent API's.
Learn how to design fluent API's.
Learn how to write intuitive, easy-to-understand code.
Learn how to structure code for excellent readability.
Add new skills to your programming toolbox.
You should be familiar with an object-oriented programming language, such as Java or C#.
You should have an understanding of object-oriented programming principles.
The code examples are in Java - while they aren't mandatory to work through, it will be beneficial if you have a Java development environment (with Maven) configured.
Fluent API Design - Write Good, Clean, Readable Code
Have you ever looked at code that you needed to use, and thought that it could just be so much easier, better, and cleaner? Have you ever wondered how tools like the Java DSL in Apache Camel or the streaming API's in Java 8 work under the covers? How you can architect your code to clearly express it's intent without the need for extensive documentation? If so, this course is for you!
Throughout the course, we'll look at what fluent API's are and how we can design them. We'll look at the benefits of fluent API's, and we'll see real-world examples in practice. We'll also work through examples where we implement our own fluent API's. Our examples will be in Java, but the concepts are equally relevant to other object-oriented languages, like C#.
This course is intended to help you become a better programmer, by teaching you how to write code that is incredibly easy to understand. After all, as programmers, we spend a significant amount of time reading existing code rather than writing new code. Therefore, the ability to write code that is easy to read and easy to understand is a very important skill for programmers to have. In this course, I want to help you develop that skill.
Junior- to intermediate programmers who use an object-oriented language, such as Java or C#.
Anyone who wants to learn how to design fluent API's.
Anyone who wants to change the way in which they think about designing API's.
Anyone who wants to learn how to write intuitive, easy-to-understand code.

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