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Postby yellowbaby520 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:48 am
A poster for Lost in Hong Kong Photo: CFP
Mainland actor and director Xu Zheng's latest comedy http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/paul-coffey-hockey-jersey/ , Lost in Hong Kong, became China's newest hit on Friday, earning more than 196 million yuan ($30.7 million) its first day at the mainland box office - a brand new record.

In 2012, when Xu's directorial debut Lost in Thailand hit theaters in the mainland, it rocked the film industry by earning a total of 1.27 billion yuan. For almost three years, Lost in Thailand stood tall as the highest earning Chinese film in the mainland until this summer's fantasy film Monster Hunt grossed 2.44 billion yuan.

With it's strong opening http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/patric-hornqvist-hockey-jersey/ , it looks like the second film in the Lost series is set to follow in its predecessor's footsteps. Similarly, just like how Lost in Thailand was a very polarizing film for audiences, Lost in Hong Kong has sparked even fiercer debate on whether the film is deserving of its box office success.

One film, two views

Just like the title says, the film sets its action in Hong Kong. The film's lead character is a middle-aged man Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) who finds himself stuck in an unhappy marriage and a career that is far from what he dreamed about when young. Looking to reunite with an old flame, Yang Yi (Du Juan) http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/pascal-dupuis-hockey-jersey/ , who is currently in Hong Kong, Xu takes his family on a vacation in order to try and meet Yang behind their backs.

However, followed by Xu's brother-in-law Cai Lala (Bao Beier), the two constantly find themselves stuck in embarrassing situations.

To fit with the Hong Kong atmosphere, in addition to showing a lot of the city's landmarks, the film makes heavy use of the local dialect and classic Hong Kong pop songs. The film even borrows lines from famous Hong Kong films and well-known supporting actors from the Hong Kong movie industry make appearances.

However http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/olli-maatta-hockey-jersey/ , this heavy reliance on local atmosphere hasn't been warmly welcomed by everyone.

Holding a 7.610 or four out of five stars on Sina Weibo, comments from moviegoers take two opposing positions.

"[Lost in Hong Kong] follows the same pattern as Lost in Thailand. There is too much music. Obviously they failed to create the right mood and tried to make up for it with music. A hodgepodge of the Guangdong dialect, Hong Kong-accented Putonghua (Standard Chinese) and Putonghua makes the film feel noisy. The comedy may stir some tears as well, but that is actually a problem. The film is way too sentimental and I felt exhausted by the time it was over," netizen MovieMonster posted on Sina Weibo.

"To be honest, as someone from Guangdong Province http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/nick-bonino-hockey-jersey/ , I think the film is terrific. Because the Guangdong dialect, street scenes, actors and music filled me with memories, as if my life had been moved onto the big screen. The biggest difference between Lost in Hong Kong and the previous Lost film is that it is much more sentimental," one moviegoer, June http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/matt-murray-hockey-jersey/ , commented on Sina Weibo.

Avoiding sequelitis

Just like the overseas film industry, producing sequels to box office hits is common practice in China. Compared to the dangers of producing a completely new film, which also costs a hefty sum of money to market, sometimes just adding a "2" to the title of a previous film is enough to get audiences into cinema seats.

Of course figuring out how to bring something new to these sequels, instead of just repeating the previous film, is another matter entirely.

I'm sure that when Xu sat down to write the sequel to his mega-hit he spent considerable time racking his brain trying to figure out how to make Lost in Hong Kong different from its predecessor.

Regardless of whether Lost in Hong Kong fits audience tastes http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/matt-hunwick-hockey-jersey/ , audiences have to admit that Xu has tried to make a break from Lost in Thailand. While in the first film, Xu used his skills to successfully adapt the Hollywood road film genre for a Chinese audience, Lost in Hong Kong is clearly trying to connect on an emotional level with audiences, especially those born in the 1970s and 1980s.

Are there any impressive scenes from a sequel that people still remember years later? While most people probably won't be able to remember the plot to Lost in Hong Kong this time next year, the film's strong feeling of nostalgia is sure to be an experience that audiences will remember for quite some time.

While many moviegoers who have seen Lost in Hong Kong feel it doesn't live up to the previous Lost film, the fact that they are holding this sequel up to a higher standard shows how the Chinese film industry has matured.

The domestic film market has seen quite a few high quality Chinese films recently http://www.thenhlpenguinsshop.com/matt-cullen-hockey-jersey/ , from Monster Hunt and Monkey King: Hero is Back to Jianbing Man.

A number of media outlets in China have reported: "The overall quality of films this year is much higher than films from the same period last year."

As such it should come as no surprise that when audiences are supplied with higher quality films, they end up getting higher expectations for films in general. This high expectations may be one of the contributing factors behind some of the negative reviews for Lost in Hong Kong.

However, despite these reviews, the courage Xu showed to not just repeat himself, as well as the rising in quality of domestic films are good signs for this still expanding market.

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