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Postby Tomichasen » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:30 am
While Nike received a lot of attention last year nike shoes outlet and earlier this year for their self-tying shoes, the company is just getting started making their shoes smarter and more hands free. Nike announced that it is pushing further innovations. Their new Nike Adapt Huarache shoe that will feature the company's “FitAdapt” technology, which allows the user to adjust the fit of their shoe through Siri or an Apple Watch. If that looks like a misprint, rest assured that nike outlet it isn’t as Nike will allow consumers to adjust these shoes to a wide array of personal and environmental preferences without even having to bend down and touch their shoes. When the Nike Huarache shoes hit the shelves nearly 30 years ago, it was a radical approach for the company in containing the foot. The shoe contained a neoprene bootie and an exoskeletal upper which provided the consumer with a snug feel and a balance between a tighter, snug fit and a lace-based customization. Now, as the shoe has undergone its “Adapt” makeover, these nike air max 270 mens traits are augmented with Nike FitAdapt technology, an intelligent platform that updates along with the user as the shoe is worn over time. The latest iteration of the FitAdapt technology allows for a wider array of personal preferences that can be adjusted due to the specific lifestyle of the shoe’s owner. While the technology is fairly groundbreaking, the price is commensurate. The HyperAdapt shoes came with a $350 price tag, so one can reasonably expect that the new version will come in at an even higher price. The first round of the Adapt Huarache shoes have a nike air max 270 womens release date of September 13th.
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