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Postby royyuan » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:05 am
Game xóc đĩa is known to be one of the hottest folk games today. Also known with different names such as parity disk shock or money disk shock absorbers.

Xoc dia is the game that was first appeared in the North. No one knows where to start or exactly, but its popularity is undeniable. With extremely simple rules of play accompanied by express play time. So choi xoc dia is the game most popular and the popularity is spread across the country.

People often play Xoc dia at Tet, festivals. In addition, right from the start, most people play betting money whether small or large.
Playing with shock absorbers using the folding method is used most. Because this method is easy to apply and brings good profits. When you see dealers deal your task just wait. Then rely on the results to learn from experience. If you see 2 times the odd out, the even rate is very large. So you should play even after that
However, if the result is still odd then continue to bet even with double money, the chances of you winning are very high. Conditions to play is the house does not use tricks. The banker has a lot of tricks, you need to watch carefully before playing
Be a rational player. Although disc jockeys are the type of game that depends on great luck, sometimes luck comes to players with clear tactics. Judgment is never redundant with a plate of disk shock
Knowing how to stop in time is important, including winners and losers. The players who lose a lot are always eager to play next to get rid of, but the more they play the worse
The reason is easy to understand, once you lose you fall into a state of uncontrolled composure, then you just want to win as quickly as possible. And at that time you lose clean
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