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Internet Marketing Help: 5 Simple Steps to Get You on the Right Track

Author: Corrisa Malone

There is a secret among the Internet gurus.

Before you seek out Internet marketing help via online courses and the many internet marketing products that liter the marketplace http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-pete-rose-jersey/ , you must have some clarity as to what exactly you need help with.

Here are five simple steps to Internet marketing that will help bring better understanding into what Internet marketing is all about so you can be on the road to success.

1. You must understand that the Internet is a medium or a way to get your content or message out to the world. Through your content is where you market your products or services. This can be done by writing articles, making videos, putting up websites and so forth.

2. You must identify your target market. If you wish to market online, then your ideal customer must be found online. Find out what are the words and phrases they're typing into the search engines.

When you're looking for internet marketing help http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-michael-lorenzen-jersey/ , a good free keyword tool can be a god-send. One such tool is found at freekeywords.wordtracker

3. You must have 3-5 ways you intend to market on the Internet; however, you should only start with one and master that one before adding other marketing techniques. Some popular ways of marketing online include videos marketing, writing articles, pay per click advertising and social media marketing.

Once you have your keywords http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-ken-griffey-jersey/ , you would then use your keywords in your content; this is how the search engines find the content you produce for your target audience.

4. You should be doing list-building. This is where you get an email autoresponder service such as Aweber to send out messages to the people on your list. People who have a relationship with you are more likely to buy from you especially if they have bought from you before.

You'll need a website to put the form on to capture people's names and emails. There are many free websites you can use, such as Weebly and Webnode or even a blog would work.

5. Traffic and conversions are the name of the game when it comes to Internet marketing. This is the secret that most gurus don't talk much about.

Rarely can anyone do a marketing campaign that hits a home-run the first time through. The gurus don't talk about how many hours, weeks, or even months it took for them to make their campaigns successful http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-johnny-bench-jersey/ , not to mention the amount of money spent doing so.

The most successful internet marketers test their websites, ads, headlines etc. You'll also need an ad tracking software if you're writing ads online such as ezine ads, safelists http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-joey-votto-jersey/ , etc so you know which ads are performing well.

There is a category of affiliate marketers who call themselves doing "bum marketing", where list building is something that is put on the backburner with the emphasis on embedding the affiliate link in whatever ad or article they're writing about.

Bum marketing is a good way to get your feet wet if you're budget conscious and willing to work hard at writing a lot of articles.

To get the best internet marketing help, you'll need to identify what areas of Internet marketing you need help in and then make a plan to focus on that one area before jumping to the next. Struggling to understand Internet marketing is no fun, hopefully this guide has shed some light on it for you.

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About the Author:

For FREE Internet marketing tips to help you build your business online http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-joe-morgan-jersey/ , Visit: Internet Marketing Help or http:www.HomeBizMarketingTips

Corrisa Malone is a home business coach and internet marketing trainer for network marketers.

JERUSALEM, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- An Israeli woman died Tuesday of wounds she sustained in a Palestinian stabbing attack in a West Bank settlement on Monday, a Jerusalem hospital said in a statement on Tuesday.

The hospital spokeswoman identified the victim as Shlomit Kreigsman, a 23-year-old resident of the settlement of Shadmot Mehola in the Jordan Valley.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said Kreigsman was wounded when two Palestinians went on a stabbing spree outside a grocery store in the Beit Horon settlement on Monday.

They stabbed and moderately wounded another Israeli woman before a security guard shot and killed both attackers http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-homer-bailey-jersey/ , Samri said.

Security camera footage showed the shop owner used a shopping cart to block the assailants from entering.

It was the third stabbing attack inside a Jewish settlement since last Sunday.

Palestinian media identified the attackers as 22-year-old Ibrahim Allan from the village of Beit Ur al-Tahta, north of Jerusalem, and 17-year-old Hussein Abu Gosh from the refugee camp of Qalandia, also located north of Jerusalem.

The incident was the latest in a four-month-long Palestinian uprising http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-drew-storen-jersey/ , including stabbing, car-ramming, and shooting attacks, which claimed the lives of 25 Israelis and a U.S. citizen.

At least 150 Palestinians have been killed during this period http://www.redsteamproshop.com/reds-devin-mesoraco-jersey/ , some in clashes with Israeli security forces during protests, while more than half were alleged attackers who were shot down at the scene of the attacks.

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