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Postby Labi1995 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:21 am
The flexor hallucis brevis (FHB) muscle that Jay is referring to is an intrinsic foot muscle (meaning that it originates and inserts within the foot) that functions to flex the big toe downward (see red muscle in photo at left – image via Wikipedia and Nike Air Max 95 Femme Gray’s anatomy). It attaches to two small bones called sesamoids, and then continues to attach to the base of the proximal phalanx of the big toe (put simply, it attaches to the base of the big toe and helps to drive it into the ground during stance). The flexor hallucis longus (FHL), on the other hand, is an extrinsic foot muscle (meaning that it originates outside of the foot) that attaches to the fibula www.aquarillon.fr in the lower leg and inserts on the bone at the tip of the big toe. As a result, the FHL curls the big toe as it flexes it.Given Jay’s thoughts on the importance of the FHB to stability during stance phase of running, my hypothesis would be that this muscle is partly responsible for my developing blisters in this particular location. Contraction of the FHB holds the big toe in a very stable position against the ground during Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer stance by forcing the base of the big toe downward, and as I push off I suspect the FHL begins to pull the big toe back a bit, creating friction leading to the blister. My guess would be that if the FHL was playing the only role here (e.g., if my FHB was weak), then my blistering would be located further forward on my big toe, as I have seen in other images posted online, but just guessing wildly at this (and Nike Free Run 2.0 Dam please, point out the error of my ways if I’m totally off on this!). I have no intention of injecting Botox to paralyze my flexor hallucis brevis, but it would be cool to see what would happen!In a nutshell, I think this is telling me that my big toe is doing exactly what it should be doing while I run (i.e., stabilizing during stance), and that my skin in that spot just needs to toughen up a bit. Incidentally, I can feel the tenderness under this spot during single leg balancing, but it alleviates if I attempt to curl my big toe while keeping it flat on the ground. All of this makes me suspect a the combined role of the FHB and the FHL here in causing the pressure that creates the ground friction needed to cause blistering under my toe (the abductor hallucis could also be involved, but let’s keep this simple for now…).Anyway, Nike Air Vapormax Femme the take home message is to not forget that you do have muscles in your feet, and they can be doing important jobs when you run. Couple this with shoe induced deformities like some cases of hallux valgus (inward bending of the big toe), and feet/toes adapted to sitting on stiff shoe soles, and you can see how it might take some to adapt to something less (or nothing) underfoot.I was running in my Road-X 233’s. I’ve had them for four months now, but as I do most of my runs of trails and off trail I tend use my trail shoes (Roclite 295’s) most of the time. The heel counter isn’t any more noticeable in Road-X vs Roclite. I hadn’t had any Achilles problems when wearing any shoes, and no hints of problems with the Road-X’s, always just felt like slippers to me.The heel drop is a few mill less in the Road-X, but then I also do Nike Roshe Run Womens occasional runs in my plimsoles (zero drop) and cheap pair of walking sandles (4mm drop) and barefoot (zero drop ;-), and am barefoot most of the day, so I wouldn’t have though the heel drop should have been an issue. I’ve learnt to adjust my planter flexion on landing according to my footware so I don’t think my landing changes too much with the footware. The ankle joint angle will be a little different mid to late Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer stance though with the different heel drop so I guess this might stress the bone/Achilles junction a bit more.When I was out on the run my calves were a little tight, but not much different than I’m used too. I had done a pretty full on fell race in the week before the injury and quite a lot of hill/off trail training before it, so the risk of an overuse injury would have been higher. However, the rest of my body seemed Nike M2k Tekno Heren be to toughening up in response the training and race. To injury myself on a benign trail run was rather a surprise after all the abuse that I had put my body through and outwardly seemed to be handling.I wish I could pinpoint what caused the actual injury, if only to know how to pick up the early warning signs and back off sooner. Perhaps it was just a case of general overuse – with my calves getting stronger Nike Air Vapormax Womens and resilient so able to put more load on the Achilles., but the the lower blood flow to the Achilles it just wasn’t keeping up with the adaptations in the rest of my body.
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