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BERLIN, July 14 (Xinhua) -- German Minister of TransportAlexander Dobrindt has ordered an investigation into dieselvehicles of the carmaker Daimler to find whether it cheated onemissions with software, German media reported Friday.

The Stuttgart-based multinational automotive firm, which isfamous for luxury cars such as Mercedes Duncan Keith Youth Jersey , is another German carmakertargeted by the authorities for allegedly diesel vehicles emissioncheating, following its rival Volkswagen.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) will seek todetermine whether Daimler's diesel vehicles were programmed withillegal software in order to falsify emissions data. Passengervehicles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans with themotor-types "OM642" and "OM651" are affected.

A Daimler representative told Xinhua that the company cooperated"fully with the authorities" and would not "comment onspeculations."

According to German media reports, the illegal software could beinstalled in more than one million of Daimler's motors. Theemissions levels officially measured for the affected vehicles weremanipulated with the use of a hidden mechanism which made carsoperate more efficiently in test settings than they do in actualstreet conditions.

The Ministry of Transport confirmed that its dieselinvestigative commission had invited Daimler representatives to itsoffices on Thursday afternoon to discuss the allegations.

A search warrant by the Stuttgart district court Patrick Kane Youth Jersey , seen by theSueddeutsche Zeitung, WDR and NDR accuses Daimler of having soldvehicles which exceeded legal emissions thresholds in Europe andthe United States for nearly ten years between 2008 and 2016.

The warrant cited led to police raids on the corporate officesof Daimler, as well as those of other unnamed firms.

Daimler had previously promised Dobrindt to upgrade 247,000Mercedes vehicles Marian Hossa Jersey , following emissions measurements by the FederalMotor Transport Authority.

Aside from pursuing charges of "emissions cheating" with illegalsoftware, the German state attorneys also believe that Daimlermisled customers with false and hence unlawful advertisingregarding their pollution levels.

Two individuals are under official investigation, althoughauthorities expect that the number of Daimler employees involved inalleged wrongdoing was higher.

The search warrant considered the conditions for a Europe-widerevocation of registrations as given, potentially leading tofurther damage suffered by owners of Daimler cars as a result ofthe scandal.

Nevertheless Gustav Forsling Jersey , the Federal Motor Transport Authority saw noreason to take such a drastic step for now.

Speaking to Xinhua, Daimler said that it saw "no risk thatvehicle approval may be revoked."

The investigations into Daimler mark yet another blow to thereputation of Germany's automotive industry following the global"dieselgate" scandal

Volkswagen AG was the first German carmaker which was revealedto have engaged in "emissions cheating" for its Diesel vehicles in2015. A U.S. federal judge ruled in April 2017 that Volkswagen mustpay 2.8 billion U.S. dollars fine for rigging diesel-poweredvehicles to cheat on government emissions tests."

Dobrindt's Transport Ministry is keen to get carmakers tocooperate with authorities in upgrading vehicles already sold.

Daimler and other carmakers have repeatedly rejected claims thatthey used illicit means to manipulate emissions tests. EU lawallows for emissions control mechanisms to be partiallyde-activated in street conditions if it protects motor function.Enditem

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