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Postby zhangzk » Fri May 17, 2019 6:57 am
An Apology to Prince Amukamara So David Montgomery Jersey 2019 , this is a piece I feel compelled to write, purely out of a sense of integrity. I have not been Prince Amukamara’s biggest fan. When he came to the Bears, I took on the task of writing his 90-in-90 roster analysis, largely because I had been watching him since his college days (he played for Nebraska David Montgomery Jersey Color Rush , one of the two college teams I was raised watching), and so I felt like I had a good sense of him as a player.Here is what I said about him them: I also went on to add:Later, when doing a breakdown of the Bears’ secondary, I added this nugget:My problem all along has been that I had not seen Amukamara actually make an instinctive break on the ball. He did damage control without actually cutting off plays. On Monday night White David Montgomery Jersey , he did exactly what I’ve been wanting to see him do for years—he made a play happen instead of waiting for it to come to him.His signature play on Russell Wilson’s pass wasn’t just well-timed. It actually showed initiative. However, I’m not just talking about the Pick-6, as wonderful as his play was there. He also did a much better job playing aggressively throughout the game. I like this new Amukamara, and I hope he continues to flash this more capable version of himself. Bears left guard James Daniels pulled running back Tarik Cohen past the first-down marker to seal the team’s victory over the Lions on Thursday. It was a great play aside from the fact that it’s supposed to be a penalty.Officials blew the call Kevin White Jersey , according to the NFL’s former head of officiating, Mike Pereira. The FOX analyst tweeted that “it is unusual to see, but it is a foul for aiding the runner. You can push but you can encircle a teammate nor can you pull him forward. I think I have only seen it called once.”The Bears faced a third-and-nine from their own 21 with a minute to play. Lions linebacker Christian Jones might have stopped Cohen short of the line to gain if not for Daniels’ help pulling Cohen for a 10-yard gain.Pereira emphasized that rules prohibit encircling or pulling, which is what Daniels did.Officials should have penalized the Bears 10 yards from the spot of the foul http://www.thebearslockerroom.com/authentic-aaron-lynch-jersey , giving the Lions another chance to make a third-down stop and get the ball back.
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