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Postby Allovehair » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:56 am
Wondering whether you should invest in a set of hair extensions? Learning about the pros and cons of these fabulous style boosters is a great way to decide if it's worth it or not. So let's see what the advantages and disadvantages of these popular hair accessories are.


If you want to add length, texture, highlights, lowlights or volume to your natural locks then hair extensions are an excellent choice. Countless women around the world depend on them for beautiful styles that save their own straight hair from harsh color dyes or heat styling. This can be due to a number of reasons, from hair thinning because of age or sickness to simply unhappiness about the way their hair looks. Whichever the reason,hair extensions have you covered.

There are many kinds of hair extensions and while most of them are expensive and keep you in a hair salon half the time, others are cost effective and can be applied from the comfort of your own home. Clip in hair extensions are the most popular out of the lot due to its fast and easy application that allows versatile styling and personalized looks. Red carpet celebs are even bigger fans of these extensions and you can see for yourself just how natural they look. But for soft, natural styles and long lasting hair, you'll need human hair extensions which are the highest quality and also the most expensive. Although you can always find reasonably priced clip in human hair extensions.


Yes, you got it. The biggest disadvantage of good quality hair extensions is the price. But if you don't feel like spending half your savings on fine human hair extensions and living off cans of tuna for rest of the year, then lower quality hair extensions are also available. The problem is that the hair will be at different lengths and maybe even combined with synthetic fibers which can't be blow dried, flat ironed or color dyed like human hair can.

Other disadvantages include the harsh procedures required for long term hair extensions that make you go through long hours of braiding, fusing, gluing and sewing. Most of these methods can actually damage your natural wave hair and cause breakage during maintenance or removal. This is why clip in hair extensions are the preferred method among women. Not only do they save you regular salon visits but they're also very low maintenance and their temporary use won't damage your natural hair.

So have you come to a decision yet? After learning about the pros and cons of hair extensions, you probably need more time to ponder about your hair and your budget. Remember that there are plenty nicely priced clip in human hair extensions out there for soft and natural looks whenever you want them, just don't let a price tag get in the way of your happiness.

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