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Postby Hairsmarket » Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:43 am
Curling naturally straight human hair can be a lengthy process, but not when you own the best curling iron for straight hair. This hair type is usually resistant to the change in chemistry that is involved with creating a curl, and often long straight hair will simply refuse to turn into a single spiral. Even if you do manage it, you can expect the results to fall flat due to the weight of your long straight locks.

There are many curling methods available for straight hair, though not all of them are effective. Hot rollers can take a long time to produce results, and the same goes for normal hair curlers. But with a curling iron, even though you can create one curl at a time, you can still obtain the fastest and most natural looking results. Thanks to the progress of hair styling technology, it is a lot easier for gals with straight hair bundles with frontal to enjoy bouncy beautiful curls without spending too much effort.

A curling iron is more portable than a case of hot rollers and is great at adding texture to straight hair, plus you can find lots of different models available to suit your hair type. So what is the best curling iron for straight hair?

Virgin human hair extensions can be tough to curl, so finding a curling iron that handles high temperatures is a good idea. If your hair is fine though, you need to use one that handles lower temperatures in order to prevent burning and damage. If a curling iron uses high temperatures, make sure it features genuine heating materials such as ceramic or tourmaline. The best curling irons for straight hair have high quality materials infused into the barrel for faster curling and safer results.

Here's an additional tip for curling straight hair. Don't use a curling iron on recently washed hair because the curls won't hold properly, instead curl day-old hair because this is when your hair's natural oils have had the opportunity to set, aiding in the curling process. If your hair is particularly resistant, have some gel or spray handy to hold the curls in place.

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