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Although laptops were designed for the busy traveling businessman always on the move Rodney McLeod Jersey , we lesser goal oriented mortals can also have fun with these latest technology items. There are other things you can do with the technology aside from making money and keeping you from getting bored:

* Surf the net on your laptop

A laptop's portability enables you to surf the net anywhere you are. On the beach, in your dorm Jason Peters Jersey , at your Aunt jessie's, etc. Check out the latest news on sport . Google your friend's latest boyfriend. Look for amusing video's and pictures to send home. Check out the latest trends in fashion. Look for your high school romance and start getting re-acquainted. Find new friends and meet old ones on Facebook. Go on a virtual date with someone. Find out the origin of numerous words. Chat with someone in a different country and in another city.

* Watch TV on your notebook

With the correct equipment Brent Celek Jersey , you can watch your favourite tv on your laptop instead of actually buying a television set. There are many portable high-definition tuners, receivers Brandon Graham Jersey , and antennas available for laptops such as NetComm Banksia Digital HD USB TV Tuner, Elgato EyeTV DTT Stick and the ComPro VideoMate U3 DVB-T Stick.

* Watch home videos and listen to music on your laptop

Use your CD-ROM player and play whatever music or home video cd you have. You can also watch movies or listen to music online. You can also download music from your mp3 into your computer. If you haveReal Player installed you can get the latest music online. Another software Corey Clement Jersey , Kazaa, will allow you to share your music and videos with other Kazaa users.

* Edit pictures and home videos on your laptop

This is something that's both exciting and can actually add to your marketable skills. With the many photo and video editing software out there from such big companies such as Adobe Jaylen Watkins Jersey , you can actually fix your own photos or make your own movies. Microsoft's PowerPoint is probably the easiest tool you can use to create slideshows and AVPs.

* the number one use

For most of us, playing games on the laptop is really what computers were made for. The variety of games available is unbelievable from football games Jalen Mills Jersey , to role-playing games, to I-don't-know-what-else. There are even dress-up games for kids (and kids at heart) and brain teaser games such as Sudoku. There are whole companies being built on the computer-based gaming industry alone. Online lotto is another popular game you can play on the web.Be aware though that most virus's from the net are in downloaded games and can cause unknown applications to wreak havoc on your computer and cause it to crash

david burton is new to technology but getting up to speed with it.

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SEOUL锛?July 26 (Xinhua) -- South Korea's economic growth stayed below 1 percent for three straight quarters锛?boosting worry about the prolonged low-growth trend锛?central bank data showed on Tuesday.

Real gross domestic product (GDP)锛?seasonally adjusted for inflation锛?reached 375.04 trillion won (328.7 billion U.S. dollars) in the second quarter锛?up 0.7 percent from the previous quarter锛?according to the Bank of Korea (BOK).

It was up from a 0.5 percent quarterly expansion tallied in the first quarter锛?but the second-quarter figure marked the zero-percent growth for the third consecutive quarter.

From a year earlier锛?the real GDP increased 3.2 percent during the April-June period.

Exports锛?which account for about half of the economy锛?gained 0.9 percent in the second quarter from the prior quarter due to demand for semiconductors as well as oil and chemical products. Imports rose at a faster pace at 1.9 percent.

But锛?contribution of net exports锛?or exports minus imports锛?to the second-quarter growth recorded a negative 0.3 percentage points.

Private consumption锛?another engine for economic expansion锛?increased 0.9 percent in the second quarter锛?turning around from a 0.2 percent reduction in the first quarter.

Facility investment rebounded from a 7.4 percent decline in the first quarter to a 2.9 percent expansion in the second quarter锛?but investment in the construction sector rose 2.9 percent during the April-June period锛?less than halving a 6.8 percent growth in the previous three-month period. Enditem

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