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GERMANY’S Lukas Podolski will receive an appropriate farewell when the world champion plays England in a high-quality friendly today with the winger having become one of the country’s all-time greats Harrison Smith Jersey , coach Joachim Loew said yesterday.

Podolski, who is hugely popular among German fans, is set to earn his 130th and final cap and start as captain for the first time.

Germany will be missing several players through injury with Loew looking towards Sunday’s World Cup qualifier in Azerbaijan with his side top after four straight wins.

The 31-year-old Podolski, who made his debut back in 2004, is his country’s third most-capped player and is also fourth in the all-time scorers’ list with 48 goals.

“He is a unique specimen, no one can really replace him Custom Minnesota Vikings Jerseys ,” Loew told reporters. “For me it will be a beautiful moment but a sad one because he was one of the greatest players ever to come out of Germany.

“Lukas and myself have gone a long road together,” said Loew, who has coached Podolski for all of his 13 years with the national team as assistant coach and then head coach since 2006. “We have gone over many hurdles, many tournaments, disappointments but also the biggest joy as coach and player with the World Cup victory in 2014. So the stage tomorrow is appropriate. Germany against England is the right atmosphere.”

Asked what made Germany so successful over the years, Podolski said it may have been sticking with the same coach over a decade.

“Maybe the main reason is that we have a good coach for more than ten years and after 2004 we started a road which maybe other nations did not start Throwback Minnesota Vikings Jerseys ,” he said.

England have had six coaches over the same period.

" 1) Get the loan financing.
Before you get too deep in plans or building lots, its important you know how much log home you can afford. Try to pay all bills on time for a few months before you apply for the loan, just to shore up your credit rating.

What's a ballpark cost for a log home? Well, let's guess that a nice 5 acre buildable lot will run $100,000 (we're really guessing here), and a 1 Authentic Minnesota Vikings Jerseys ,600 square foot log cabin, built and finished, will run somewhere around $200,000. That's $300,000 you're going to need to realize your dream. Mortgage lenders really like to see 20% down, which means you'll need a $60 Minnesota Vikings Jerseys For Sale ,000 nest egg before you talk with the banker, plus $1,400 a month for the mortgage.

About putting 20% down - yes, you can get away with 10%. But you'll have a higher monthly payment and pay a higher interest rate. That disadvantage could be shifted if you're willing to rent out your log cabin even a few weeks of the year. $800 a week is a low-ball estimate of what you could get for renting your log cabin out. It all depends on the location, and how nice the log home is when its completed.

If you don't want to handle all the renting details, hire a property management company or call a few local realtors and see if they'd be willing to find Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , screen and service short-term renters for a slice of the rental cost. This way you can get started on your log home dream for just $30,000. Plus, you'll be building equity for free and have a getaway spot whenever your log home is not rented.

2) Decide on a log home style and floor plan.
Time to break out the glossy log home magazines and catalogs - you need to go shopping. Working with the info about what you can afford, start making a folder of every attribute you want for your log home, pick a few layouts that you love, then go to a builder and get the cost estimate to build out the floor plans. After your first talk with the builder Andrew Sendejo Jersey , you'll probably need to do some serious scaling back.

3) Pick a building lot.
More shopping, plus quite a bit of driving. Be absolutely, 100% sure that the land you buy has access, or road, rights (you'll need to get to the house), and either a sewer or an issued health permit or the guarantee of one. Consider how your home will sit on the lot. Go back to the builder and get the cost to have the house positioned in the lot the way you want. Also have the builder give their detailed opinion on what it will take to build on the lot you're chosen. Also consider the other lots around yours... what if someone decides to permanently park a trailer in front that beautiful floor to ceiling view you've planned?

4) Get building permits and find a general contractor.
Get all the permits completed before any work begins. Next Kyle Rudolph Jersey , choose between "turn-key" construction, where you let a general contractor handle all the details, taking on the role of general contractor. If you're an excellent project manager, and you learn fast, becoming your own general contractor can save you 20% of construction costs for your new house. Just be sure to find a very, very good log builder.

5) Begin construction of the driveway and house's foundation.

6) Get the log home kit delivered and assembled.
If you've hired a general contractor Tom Johnson Jersey , its their job to schedule the delivery of the log home kit and make sure all the sub-contractors appear when they should. If you haven't hired a general contractor, you'll need to orchestrate all the subscontractors until the log cabin is complete. This part of getting a log home built can be the hardest, but if you're up to it, there's a lot of money to be saved.

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