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Two heads of a well-known gymnastics school in Central China's Hunan Province have been detained in an alleged molestation case in November Georges-Kevin N'Koudou Shirt , and a local procuratorate has returned the case to local police for further investigation.

""The two presidents are still in Changsha's detention center and we are still searching for evidence,"" Luo Li, a police officer from Kaifu district public security bureau of Changsha, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

Liu Zhiqiang, 48, former president of the Hunan Provincial Gymnastics School in Changcha, was alleged to have sexually assaulted six girls since 2012 Harry Winks Shirt , and was detained in November.

During the investigation into Liu's case, police found that Zeng Rong, 52, the former vice president, also allegedly sexually assaulted girls and detained him in the same month, said Luo.

Liu was responsible for managing gyms and students' dorm buildings, while Zeng was in charge of safety in the school's classrooms.

The assault occurred in the president's office Ben Davies Shirt , said Liu Weimin, a worker from the Hunan provincial gymnastics management center, which is near the school, the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post reported.

The two men were officially arrested in December and transferred to the district's procuratorate in January, but the case was returned to the branch on March 14 for more evidence, said Luo.

Founded in 1985, the school has fostered many outstanding athletes who have won six Olympic gold medals. Currently Lucas Moura Shirt , there are 50 students aged between 8 and 12 years old, the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post reported on Wednesday.

Students live at the school and are forbidden from leaving the premises without permission in order to ensure their safety and high quality training, Liu Weimin told the Global Times.

Experts believe that the school's style of management will make it hard for police to collect evidence.

""This management system makes it difficult for the outside world to supervise the school and leaves loopholes in the collecting of evidence,"" Wang Sixin, a law professor with the Communication University of China, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

Creating a free network to play games, all this while Serge Aurier Shirt , interacting with others has become easier. A number of sports league websites have been established online that encourages avid gaming enthusiasts to become a part of their offering. The process of becoming a member is fairly simple, as all you are required to do is enter a few personal details. You can join a team and take up any role, as preferred, and enjoy an experience that you will cherish for many years. While playing and interacting with others, you can document all aspects through videos and photos. Professionals will help you set up the stage conveniently.

Team sports websites take social media to an entirely different level. It is a known fact that all sports team need to be managed accurately. This is the reason why the professionals bring different teams at a particular destination, wherein interested players can join the network. You, as a player Christian Eriksen Shirt , can be any one of the options – coach, athlete, parent, league administrator and high school administrator, among others. Regardless of the category you belong to sports league websites make it convenient for you to register with them and be on your way to experience gaming and communication like never before.

In order to keep their clients happy, the professionals make their source free sports websites. You can be assured that to access their service, you will not be required to shell out a single dime. Even though organizing a team requires you to invest a lot of thought and time Paulo Gazzaniga Shirt , being in touch with someone can help a great deal. When you communicate with other members, team management becomes much simpler. These online sources use a simple tool, which is powerful, and helps in making your task easier. Whether you are creating home teams online or other kinds of team, their services will prove to be of great assistance.

When it comes to features of the sports league websites, you can come across the likes of master calendar, statistics and records Juan Foyth Shirt , rosters and contact information, to name a few. Moreover, the service providers give their players, mobile access. This enables you to log on to your account at any given time from any part of the world and communicate with other members conveniently. You can even upload a photo and image albums saved during a game or by your team. You are also at the liberty of either creating private or semi-private teams, wherein you can personalize all features of the sports social network.

Whether you are managing a sport in real life or virtually, it takes quite an amount of thought to be invested. Moreover, the experience is the one that can be cherished by you. Sports team management is easy to incorporate Dele Alli Shirt , as you can learn the entire process by getting in touch with other players. They even provide unlimited photo storage so that all your activities on the sports league websites can be documented perfectly. You are assured that the service is free for everyone and guarantees maximum satisfaction with every twist and turn.

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