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Postby Xuwanghuan » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:17 am
SAO PAULO Women's Carson Wentz Jersey , Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- Three police officers in Brazil are under investigation after a protester was shot during an anti-World Cup protest in Sao Paulo on Saturday.

Fabricio Proteus Nunes Fonseca Mendonca Chaves, 22, is in a serious condition at the Santa Casa hospital's intensive care unit with bullet wounds in the neck and groin, O Globo reported.

Sao Paulo's public defender's office has requested an immediate probe by the state's security secretariat (SSP) and the internal affairs department of the military police.

"According to what I have been told Wendell Smallwood Jersey , the police acted with absolute excess, disproportionate to the situation," said Carlos Weis, a human rights spokesman for public defender's office.

"It's important to put into context that the young man had participated in the demonstration Isaac Seumalo Jersey ," he said.

According to a SSP statement, Chaves was found to be carrying an "explosive object" after being stopped and searched by the officers.

He then tried to run away before producing a knife from his pocket.

"At that moment the police shot at the suspect, who fell to the ground, then rose in an effort to escape again before collapsing Jordan Hicks Jersey ," the statement said.

Meanwhile more than 100 people arrested during Saturday's protest in Sao Paulo were released from police custody on Sunday.

The rally, which drew an estimated 2,500 participants, turned violent when a group of masked attackers clashed with police.

Others vandalized banks and shops while a private vehicle was torched.

It was one of a series of anti-World Cup protests planned by activist group Anonymous Nelson Agholor Jersey , continuing nationwide rallies that began during the Confederations Cup last June.

Marchers on Saturday carried signs saying "FIFA go home" and "Wake up Brazil", in reference to the huge cost of staging the June 12-July 13 event.

Many Brazilians are angry that hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on stadiums instead of improving the poor state of education, health and transport.

Rallies were also held Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, Goiania and Brasilia.

Brazil's ongoing civil unrest has been the cause of concern for world football's governing body FIFA.

Last year FIFA president Sepp Blatter said the Confederations Cup protests were like "alarm bells" for the government ahead of the World Cup.

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