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Laser Hair Removal Tips Before you laser, you should know them
Laser is one of the easiest, most effective and at the same time safest possible ways to eliminate excess hair. In the following, we will point out to 10 important things that you need to know about before removing laser hair loss.
1. During the laser period, do not wear footwear!
During the laser hair removal period, you need to be a little patient and never wax off the hair. Once lasers can have the best performance when your hair is connected directly to the root during the laser period.
During this period, it is recommended that you do not use any methods that completely eliminate hair. You can shorten them only if necessary. This is due to the fact that other ways to remove excess hair may completely remove the hair from the root or cause unnecessary hair growth in that area.
2. The laser does not work to remove excess blond hair, white and red
The function of laser hair removal machines is highly dependent on hair dyes, and since blond, white and red hair has very little pigmentation, the laser can not be effective in removing them. Bright brown hair and also poor hair are also hard to get rid of with laser. It is advisable to consult your doctor about your hair and the degree of success before starting the laser hair extension.
3. The laser can not be applied to the tattoo or after the tattoo
Laser is not a good way to do this if you are going to remove the tattoo that is on the outside of the red hair. Removing laser hair loss may burn the area or remove the tattoo. Also, if you want to fade your tattoo, this laser method is not a good way to do this, and you should consult with a physician working on tattoo removal and take advantage of the proper facilities.
4. Laser hair removal should be done for more than one session
The laser can be effective when the hair is in the growth phase (Anagen). In this phase, hair is constantly getting louder. If your hair is not in this phase when the laser is done, you need to go for another laser treatment session to eliminate the hair completely. An average of 20% of growth time is hair in the Anagen phase. Therefore, we advise you to follow up between 6 and 12 sessions of laser therapy in order to complete your treatment.
5. Removing laser hair loss is a long-term treatment
Laser hair removal is far more durable than other methods, and it may take years after this method does not appear to cause excess hair to appear in the laser. But, as usual, a laser session is required every few times to improve the quality of this treatment. Many people suspect that removing laser hair loss is a 100% correction and does not leave any debris in place. There is currently no laser technology that can guarantee 100% complete removal of the body's entire hair. However, in some cases, there may be very good results from laser therapy, with 100% correction.
6. This method is very amazing
After a laser treatment session, people are observing that the amount of hair growth in their bodies has decreased and hair that has been modified will no longer appear again. The best areas where the laser can perfectly correct is the underarms, confined areas, and lower legs. In addition to reducing hair growth, the laser also has other benefits. This method also reduces the body's bad smell and prevents the growth of subcutaneous hair.
7. Removing laser hair loss is not a side effect
Before making a laser, make sure your doctor is aware of all the medications you are taking and the illnesses that you have. After doing the laser hair removal and removing excess hair in this way, there is no long side effect on the person. This method is completely secure. Immediately after laser therapy, the skin may become slightly red and the patient will feel itching, but these complications will be resolved within 2 to 48 hours after treatment.
8. No laser hair removal is needed
Currently, due to the increasing number of laser hair removal clinics, laser hair removal can be started easily and in the shortest possible time. The number of clinics in addition to this has led to a significant reduction in the cost of this treatment. There are also special offers and promotions for laser hair removal that can help patients even treat their hair with even lower prices. In this way, it can be said that the laser treatment method can be cost-effective, in addition to the other benefits mentioned herein.

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