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CARD Group
Submitted 2018-06-30 10:03:11 Customer Research

Consumer research includes primary as well as secondary research. Research helps to ensure that a retailer is offering what their customers need and not simply what is assumed that customers need.

Market segmentation

If a retailer answers 鈥榚veryone鈥?to the question: 鈥渨ho is your target market?鈥? it鈥檚 likely that the retailer in question in not achieving the maximum profits. A company鈥檚 resources are limited by the available budget Authentic Mack Hollins Jersey , so it鈥檚 rational to then focus that budget on a segment of customers that are likely to produce the greatest profits.

For example, a store that sells televisions will target people who watch television. However, they are aware that not every TV will be suitable for every person. There are multiple product variables such as internet connection, integral DVD players, ease of use, number of ports and so on. Different product features appeal to different groups of people i.e. different customer segments within the television market. The store needs to understand their customer鈥檚 needs to discover which particular TVs their customers want to buy. If the store makes assumptions on behalf of their customers, they may make mistakes in their decision-making processes.

Understanding Your Customers

Customer segmentation begins with research 鈥?for example, an analysis of current customers. This is where market research companies can help with your marketing process. A survey of visitors to each of your stores will find out necessary information including needs, buying behaviour, and demographics - all key to understanding customers; who your customer are, why they buy from you and not your competitors, and more importantly, why they don鈥檛 buy from you.

At CARD Group, we look from the customer鈥檚 perspective, at the buying process. Customers are initially Ignorant of the product or service. Then, once they are aware, customers are mainly going to be Apathetic until an interest has been cultivated. If success in this task, the customer will then be Affected by communications messages. Following in, an opportunity can be presented to Enable the customer to act.

Your customers can be grouped into segments to meet their needs. Segments that are more probable to produce the greatest profit should be ranked first. There is little benefit in providing a budget for unprofitable segments. A suitable communications plan can then be established to target the most profitable segments.


NAIROBI, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- Kenya' s Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario was questioned on Wednesday by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over irregularities during the just concluded Rio Olympics.

Wario was summoned for investigations following complaints of stealing of uniforms, accrediting bloated list of 'joyriders' at the expense of coaches some of whom were left out of the Rio Games and fraud in ticketing.

DIC Director Ndegwa Muhoro summoned him and asked him to go and help them unraveling the saga.

""The DCI called him to help in starting the probe into the complaints by the athletes at large. He did his part and he is not a suspect,"" a police officer close to investigations said.

When he arrived at DCI headquarters, he was handed to a team from Serious Crime Unit that is pursuing the matter that took his statement.

Sources said Wario blamed the mess on National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK) officials who were handling the matter. Among those named and were being sought include Team Kenya' s chef de mission Stephen arap Soi and also NOCK deputy treasurer.

The distribution of kits to Kenya' s Olympic Team has been put under scrutiny after Nike registered disappointment with the manner in which NOCK officials handled the issue.

Furious Nike executive officials sought an explanation from the committee, sparking outrage across social media platforms in Kenya.

Wario told the officers he did not have the list of those who travelled to Rio because the matter was being handled by NOCK.

Also being sought was vice NOCK secretary general James Chacha Maroa and NOCK secretary-general Francis Katana Paul.

There were complaints more than 200 joyriders travelled to Rio for the just concluded Olympics affecting resources that were meant for the athletes, their coaches and managers.

Some coaches were not accredited and had no access to the training facilities where their services were needed, athletes complained. The team pursuing the matter will also interrogate a number of athletes as part of their probe.

There were complaints sports kits for athletes were stolen, allowances not paid and the athletes were mistreated in general.

Despite the fiasco, the athletes performed well getting six gold, six silver and one bronze and finished position 15 and first in Africa.

Kenya was officially represented by 52 athletes, three boxers, 14 rugby players, one archery player, two swimmers, one weightlifter and one judoka and 30 members of the technical team.

Others included 14 members of the Steering Committee, 14 from NOCK, seven administrative staff and two officials from Treasury making the total figure 178.

But the list was bloated which is said to have included relatives and friends hitting 250.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga have demanded answers on how the issue was run.


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