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Posted by mikeblake in Home on March 24th Nolan Ryan Womens Jersey , 2016

Buying a home is typically the largest investment that one makes. Many buyers end up spending plenty of time and energy designing or searching for the perfect home before signing any paperwork. There is a lot that goes into the search, to include:

LocationPriceMarket trendsTaxesHomeowners association feesCondition of the home

Most who are on the hunt have a wish list a mile long that includes both needs and wants. The very first decision to make is whether to have custom homes built, or go with an existing home. There are many pluses to each choice, here’s a breakdown.

Benefits Buying an Existing Home Rather than Custom Homes

There are two main advantages to buying an existing home. Those advantages are convenience and cost. Once approved by the specific lender, the buyer can shop around, pick out a home and then make an offer. Hiring an experienced real estate professional will make the process easier by handling the negotiations and helping with paperwork. The entire process could easily have one in their choice home within a couple months, which is a huge bonus for those on a tight schedule.

As far as costs associated, the median new home price is around 5,000 in relation to about 0,000 for existing homes throughout the U.S. The housing market as of 2016 is still showing lowered real estate costs countrywide.

Another benefit is being able to live in an established neighborhood. One can be right near friends, family, schools and work. Established landscaping, sidewalks, and more can be all within reach whereas with a custom home it has to be worked on in most cases.

Disadvantages include the home not being exactly what one dreamed of. The floor plan may leave little to be desired, there may not be enough bathrooms and other small issues. Chances of finding an existing home that has everything on both the need and want list are slim, and many plan on making renovations and repairs over time.

Building Custom Homes

Building custom homes doesn’t give the convenience that purchasing an existing home does. One will have to find land, work with a builder, choose all the elements and so forth. There is also the issue of permits and making sure the land has access to water, electricity and the like. Many custom homes builders already have land available which makes things a bit easier.

The biggest advantage is getting just what you want and that may be enough reason to choose custom homes over existing. Everything will be up to the latest building standards and extremely efficient, which also puts many minds at ease. Expect to save on utility bills and feel good about owning an energy-efficient home.

Another bonus is that custom homes are actually healthier for the owners. There will be no toxic materials to worry about. Many older homes could contain asbestos, mold, lead paint and more. Not to mention if the previous owners were smokers there could be lingering poisons in the walls, carpet and more.

Custom homes can include energy efficient additions to include:

Energy star rated appliancesEfficient toilets and plumbing fixturesUp to date electrical

The only drawback to building custom homes is the overall price, which can skyrocket if one doesn’t get everything in writing and have it checked by a law professional. This is a very crucial step, along with securing the right builder that has a reputation that precedes them. As long as the process is done right, one will be extremely happy with custom homes, and enjoy making memories in a space that is all their own.

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